How to Work with a Health Care Facilitator

How to Work With A Health Care Facilitator

Health care facilitators can assist you with tough problems that you can’t solve on your own. Some things you can do yourself:

  • Understand your benefits. You’ll find benefits information, videos, and updates on UCnet (
  • Review the plan booklet for your medical plan. This is where you’ll find detailed explanations of what’s covered and not.
  • Call your medical plan if you have questions about coverage, authorization requirements, provider networks and claims processing. 
  • Contact your medical provider’s office or their billing office. Your doctor or other health care professional may be able to assist you in resolving your billing problem directly.
  • Contact your medical group. Your medical groups can help you find a doctor, clear up billing problems, or obtain referrals for services.
  • Assemble all the relevant information you can. Be prepared to provide as many details as possible, such as the dates of visits to providers, notes about phone conversations, and documentation of billings and payments.